Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Charmers - Hardy Cyclamen

At the end of September, when I am still looking forward to my Mums getting their act together for their big show, the little hardy Cyclamen come into bloom.

The leaves are heart-shaped and attractive with different silver patterns splashed across each leaf, some more so than others. The dainty flowers are typically white, purple or pink.

The plants are a clump-forming, tuberous perennial usually on the shorter side (6" tall and 12" wide) with the flowers rising above the leaves.

The plants are evergreen during the winter, but will go dormant in the hot heat of the summer. Late in the season, they return with new foliage and flowers. Good drainage is essential, so plant them in dry shade.

Cyclamen look great naturalized in shaded areas or under evergreens, but plant them at the front of the flowerbed or they will be lost.

They are hardy here in Portland and seed themselves easily. I try to pick the round seedpods and help scatter seeds around. By the number of babies, my technique seems to be working.

Lots of babies!


  1. So sweet. I planted some in the spring...guess it's time to get out there and look for them.

  2. Just received a little hardy Cyclamen from a friend. Looking forward to enjoying it in the years to come! Thanks for sharing.