Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Frogs?

Sunday was our first bad winter weather of the season.

The day started off pleasant enough. I was sipping my morning coffee on the sofa and watching the flurries start.

It wasn't much. It was "cute" snow.

The gods above were just tossing snow around like pizzeria Parmesan cheese out of the shaker.

Nothing to worry about really.

As I looked out the window at the cute little sleeping Redbud tree, I could hear my resident frogs croaking.

It's snowing and my frogs are croaking outside? They are Pseudacris regilla (Pacific Chorus Frogs) and they seem to stay around all year.

If my assistant Yvette had been home, she would have head tilted and then started running around barking at the air like a crazy pooch, wondering where the croaking was coming from. 

The ponds have been frozen for more than a week, after a weeks worth of weather in the 20s. So I was surprised they were awake and making noise.

In my mind, I'm sure the frogs were singing "Do you want to build a snowman?", just like Anna from Frozen.

Later on the snow turned to rain and the rain to ice. For once I didn't "plant" panic. I didn't cover a single plant in the yard.

I just crossed my fingers and let mother nature do her thing.

Mother Agave (Agave parryi var. parryi )

Poor Grevillea x 'Neil Bell' with frozen flower buds
Cercis canadensis 'Merlot' (Eastern Redbud)
Osmanthus x Fortunei 'San José' bent over
Shedteau Yvette's first snow scene
Trachycarpus fortunei (Windmill Palm)
Pieris japonica 'Valley Valentine' (Lily of the Valley Shrub)


  1. Look at you staying so calm! Our snow wasn't nearly as bad as yours & we got no ice coating on everything either. So, where was your assistant?

  2. Frogs singing in the snow. I wonder where you are?

  3. I didn't do any protecting either. I figure I'll find out what made it this spring.

    1. It didn't seem that cold or worth the effort and it was for such a short time too.