Friday, December 7, 2012

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens

Since it's cold and rainy today (like everyday), it seems appropriate to look back on my trip to Hawaii this past spring. We spent 2 weeks in Maui and the Big Island.  One of the highlights was going to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens in Papaikou, HI.

I went into picture overload with all the amazing flowers in bloom. 

Alpinia zerumbet - Shell Ginger

Zingiber spectabile - Beehive Ginger
Etlingera venusta - Malay Rose Ginger
Orthosiphon stamineus - Cat's Whiskers
Trimezia steyermarkii - Yellow Walking Iris

Heliconia longissima

Etlingera elatior - Torch Ginger

Calathea burle-marxii - Ice Blue Ginger
Not sure if this is really Mucuna bennettii - Red Jade Vine?

Thunbergia mysorensis - Indian Clock Vine
These weasels are adorable but not native.
Justicia aurea - Golden Shrimp Plant
Dendrobuim spectabile - I grew one of these for many years in Portland in my greenhouse - it got to be quite a large plant.  if there ever was a flower that looked like it could eat you - this would be it.
Dietes bicolor - Fortnight Lily

Strongylodon macrobotrys - Blue Jade Vine
Norantea guianensis - Red Hot Poker Vine