Monday, August 20, 2018

Hey Fern! Introducing Pallaea ovata.

I sniffed out this little truffle at a local nursery. I had never seen anything like it and thought it was adorable!

Pellaea ovata (Ocateleaf Cliffbrake)

I have to admit that just like names of grasses, I have no knowledge of ferns, even though I have probably thirty different ferns in my garden and that doesn't count the ones that magically appear here and there, because Oregon...

My current story is that my brain is so full of all these other plant names, that I just can't remember the name of any fern beyond "Ghost", "Sword", and perhaps "Japanese Painted". And as far as fern Latin names - no chance!

Who's got time to learn all those funky fern names anyway...Ain't nobody got time for that!

This little cutie is called Pallaea ovata.(aka Ocateleaf Cliffbrake). See, they have to call it a "Cliffbrake" just to make it more confusing.

In addition to not knowing fern names, I also lack the botanical knowledge to properly describe ferns.

Where as Wikipedia would say about this fern: "They typically have creeping rhizomes and pinnately to bipinnately compound leaves lacking prominent scales or trichomes on the blades", I would say: "They have zig-zaggy stems with little paddle-shaped leafy-thingies and it's adorable so you should buy at least two".

It enjoys dappled shade, well-drained soil and seems to withstand quite a bit of drought so far and still looks adorable at the end of August. I apparently planted mine too close to the edge of the flower bed and it's been casually arching out into the grass for me to mow around.

Supposed to be Zone 7, but I have not yet overwintered it.

I have a feeling we will have a long friendship in the garden.

Pellaea ovata (Ocateleaf Cliffbrake)
Pellaea ovata (Ocateleaf Cliffbrake)