Monday, July 30, 2018

Favorite Tree of the Day - Eucryphia x 'Nymansay

My summer love was just a wee little baby when I bought her in 2015 from Xera Plants.

She's my current Summer Love - Eucryphia x 'Nymansay'. 

Eucryphia x 'Nymansay'
At the time, I was looking for a tall, but thin, tree, to fill in a gap at the back fence and help hide the neighbors behind me. I also wanted an evergreen tree. It was also a bonus to have summer flowers the neighbors and I could both enjoy.

She's rapidly grown the past three years and will be a lovely 18' evergreen columnar tree over time. Hardy to Zone 7b.

She seems to like her leaves in full sun, but cool soil for her roots and regular summer water. The summer sun can be pretty hot towards the end of the day in this location. A Ligularia dentata is planted just behind her and is the first plant to wilt, telling me it's time to get the hose out and so she gets watered often.

She's already made it through a winter that bent her tall stems completely to the ground. I assumed she was a gonner, but except for a few lost leaves, she recovered just fine. 

Eucryphia x 'Nymansay' bent to the ground 2017 (center)
She surprised me this June with zillions of cream colored buds, which busted out of little covers into large pure white flowers. The fragrance is light and subtly beautiful, like something clean laundry or a Yankee candle should smell like. 

Her bloom time has lasted about three weeks so far, but is nearing the end for this season. 

I can't wait to see her again next year! 

Eucryphia x 'Nymansay'
Eucryphia x 'Nymansay'

A sleepy bee.