Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cheap Thrills

I have to admit that I cannot resist a $2.99 cactus.  No matter how I try, I get sucked in every time. Add in months of gloomy Portland weather, a bad week and off to Portland Nursery I go. The car is on autopilot at this point.   

I love to cruise the Tillandsias and the little cactus and succulent starts at the Portland Nursery Division Street location.  

So one depressing day I stopped in and had to bring all these cuties home. I just had to! But now that I had all these cuties home - they need new pots!

So off to Freddie's I go to procure something cheap and cheerful to plant them in plus more cactus soil. Only the gods know how long that other bag of cactus soil has been around in the shed.  The gravel for the top, I had left over from various aquariums from the past. 

But then I also had to get additional matching pots for the cactus I already had. Everything's got to match right?  Another trip to Freddie's for a few more pots.

I spent many times more on pots than I did on plants, but they look so nice now.

The Desert Rose in the front green pot, I grew from seed from a plant my mom has in Florida.

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