Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love or Hate?

I admit it. I should have known better, but I didn't.  I made a mistake! 

They seem so cute and innocent.  With their little blue flowers looking like little clusters of grapes. 

So I divided them, spread them around and encouraged them. 

Little did I know how insidious they can be. 

Muscari botryoides
I wised up last year and I began removing large amounts of the Muscari, I had in previous years, planted in patches all around my yard. 

The thing with these little buggers is that each big bulb makes lots of tiny bulbs that sprout if left behind and of course they immediately fall off when you dig them out. 

If you dig out the big bulbs, you must search the soil left behind for all the small bulbs, or you have to go back next season and DIG out all the little sprouts.  If you yank out a sprout, you just pull out the single first leaf and leave the bulb behind, which will re-sprout later.

I have resorted to removing large clumps dirt and all and composting it all. Then filling in the hole with new soil.  

I should have known better... 

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  1. Thanks for making me feel better about never having gotten around to planting any in the ground.