Friday, May 31, 2013

We'll Always Have Paris

I have had the pleasure of going to Paris twice in my life.

The last trip was September 2012 and prior to going one of our beloved Frenchies, Genevieve, went over the rainbow bridge.

It was a very sad time for us, but our vacation to France and Luxemburg was a timely one. We just needed to suck it up and try to have a good time.

We received Ginny's ashes back just before we left. Without telling my now ex, I took some of her ashes in a small container and stuck them in my dittybag and smuggled them into France. (Don't tell anyone!)

Sweet Genevieve

After two weeks in Alsace, Luxembourg and Burgundy, we finally arrived in Paris for a few final days.

One night we were out to dinner at Cafe Le Bouledogue, our favorite site for spotting Frenchies in Le Marais, where one of the owner's dogs sat in the corner by the stairs while we ate.  My ex remarked that it was great to be sharing our dinner with a Frenchie.  To which I remarked that we were having dinner with TWO Frenchies. Ginny was in my pocket.

After dinner we went to Notre Dame. In my mind, I knew that I wanted to spread some of Ginny's ashes at Notre Dame, to me the most beautiful cathedral in France.  

So that night, a little bit of Genevieve went back to France. 

Which brings me to the first blooming of Paris polyphylla in my yard, which I found last year at Cistus.

I foolishly thought it would come up early with the Trilliums, so I kept a close eye out for it. At first I thought it was dead and that made me a little sad. There was not much happening at the marker I kept in the soil as a little headstone for it.

A few weeks ago, I finally noticed a "nubbin" coming out of the ground and I hoped it was Paris polyphylla.

Now it's leaves are beginning to unfurl and the "bloom" is opening. It's such an odd flower. 

I hope each year it will come back and will remind me of our beloved dog, Genevieve.

I know it's corny, but plant people are like that...

Early June, the layers are growing out a little and the tendrils are longer.


  1. I teared up a little bit reading this. And yes, plant people are like this.

  2. This post was a sweet little walk down Memory Lane. Thanks for letting us in on the secret of what you did with some of Ginny's ashes. What a wonderful spot to leave a piece of her. I've only been to Paris once, but I sure do remember Notre Dame.

  3. A wonderful post! While I've never traveled to France, I've taken many last trips to the vet with beloved furry friends & your story of Sweet Genevieve and her floral emblem sure struck a chord with me!

  4. That's so sweet that you brought her "home" :-)

  5. Ah eyes are misty and I dread the day.

  6. The same blood flows through all gardeners' veins, it seems (type p: plantaholica, type r:romantic pet-lover). Such a sweet photo of Genevieve, and a fittingly unique floral tribute.

  7. Not weird at all. This is a beautiful tribute to a sweet family member.

  8. All sad now, and definitely dreading the inevitable, but I loved how you brought her along. And I'm so glad the polyphylla came through!