Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Down with Ash Whiteflies!

Be sure to support your local spiders! 

They are helping get rid of some those invading Ash Whiteflies.

These little buggers are new to Portland and quite the nuisance.

I can't tell just how many I may have breathed in while gardening recently.


  1. I saw some tiny flies recently caught in a spider web, but they had just the tiniest tinge of blue to them. Wonder if they were ash white flies.

  2. They are awful! The kids can't even play soccer at night without getting swarmed. I hate to say it, but we need a hard frost. And yes, I am playing nice with all my spiders.

  3. That's a great shot. Trust me - I have plenty of cobwebs in my garden, and usually walk around them, but have yet to see one that is that effective with those pesky little things. I'll be even more careful where I tread now that I have learned this. Thanks, Matthew!

  4. Inhaling them is the worst. I have clouds of them in my garden too. I'll have to go check the spider webs to see how the hunting is going. My spiders have starting catching the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, apparently they like the flavor of stinky cilantro.

  5. This visitor (used to live here) from the NE finds you Oregonians so cute when you whine about bugs. You have it so easy you'll never know unless you travel to anywhere between Minnesota and Nova Scotia anytime between mid-May through mid-August ... a.k.a. summer. You have no bugs here. None, zip, zero. Complaining about slugs in the garden, now that's legit! Ya'll cursed with slugs. Cheers!