Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stapelia asterias

My little collection of Asclepiads has been summering outdoors. Some of them in the front drive and a couple on the back patio.

This year in late spring, I slowly introduced them to the outdoors and the sun as not to fry them. They normally overwinter in my south facing kitchen window. I seldom water them during winter and they start looking a little sad and shriveled by spring.

Stapelia asterias and Stapelia leendertziae are both currently in bud. I was watering the yard last night and thought it should be "Take your Stinky Plants to Work Day" again. 

Stapelia asterias
Stapelia leendertziae

I'm glad I did, because while at work, Stapelia asterias broke bud and I got to watch it slowly open. I even missed part of the process because I couldn't get my iPhone camera open in time. Darn phone!

Now my work area periodically smells like farts. I'll be sure to blame it on the dog if anybody notices. Too bad my assistant Yvette isn't here this week...

Stapelia asterias
Stapelia asterias


  1. Such fascinating plants and flowers. I got a Stapelia start from you a couple of years ago at one of the plant swaps and it's still thriving. I've been wondering which one it is. No flower on it yet.

    1. I suspect you got a piece of the cute little Huernia hybrid I have had for many years. It never had a name, but I have a picture of the flower I can show you. Huernia are Stapelia relatives.