Thursday, November 3, 2016

Turkey Tail Surprise!

In the past, my two big trees (English Walnut and Black Walnut) have needed some professional help. I've talked about them getting trimmed in the past, so I will spare the details in this post.

But, once after the English Walnut was trimmed, I left a couple big and heavy chunks of limb in the flower bed. A part of me thought they would look interesting in the flower bed, and another part was just too lazy to lug the big chunks of limb away. Split, they would have made good firewood, but that never happened.
English Walnut
One of these chunks of wood recently gave me a nice surprise. After trimming back some perennials in the flower bed where the log was left, I noticed that it was covered on the top and two side with beautiful mushrooms.

Trametes versicolor

I had no idea what they were, but after posting some pictures on Facebook, I was told they were Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail), a common polypore mushroom. 

It was interesting to learn that this mushroom has long been known to boost longevity and health with its immune boosting and cancer fighting properties.

They are not an "eating" mushroom, but medicinal tea, tinctures, and such can be made from them after drying.

I doubt that I will use them, but knowing information about them is fascinating.  

Half a walnut shell stuck in the mushrooms.


  1. Such a beautiful fungus! It was so smart for once to be a bit lazy and just leave that big chunk of wood in the garden.

  2. They are gorgeous - look like cross-sections of petrified logs. What a great gift from Mother Nature!

  3. They are beautiful! How fun to peel back the perennials and find this fun surprise :)

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