Friday, March 10, 2017

A Glimmer of Hope

Oh gawd, pleeeeeeese stop raining!!!

It's been raining for weeks or is it months? I can't remember and I can't take it any more! 

The one slightly less rainy-ish weekend I had the office cold (aka drippy sinus plague) that was spreading itself all over the staff. It's been weeks since and I don't think I'm fully recovered yet.

This weekend's looks promising. Today there is some strange yellow orb in the sky and patches of some sort of blue stuff.

Constant rain hasn't stopped me from plant shopping.

I had to buy some random summer bulbs that were on sale: Tigridia, Ixia, Asiatic and Oriental Lilies, Hyacinths, Eremurus, Zephranthes. Just to name a few. And I may have been seduced by mysterious "boxed" perennials at my local grocery store. I have low expectations.

I planted them all in the rain last weekend. I have no idea if I planted them in good spots, I just wanted them in the ground. Partly to get them out of my house and partly to give them a head start.

Based on photos of the yard from last year, I can see that some of the flowers are a little behind.

Some of the Trillium and Daffodils that were blooming last year on this date are a week or two behind.

Thankfully there are signs that Spring is upon us. I have felt bad for the crocus. They've had to keep their flowers closed due to the constant rain and some of them have just flopped over. Bashed by the rain into submission.

I'm glad to see these glimmers of hope.



  1. It's so nice to see the emerging flowers and foliage! We had a bit of sun and dry weather here today too, and I got some things cut back out in the garden. I have lots more still to do, but the weekend is looking promising, if only my aching muscles hold out.

  2. It was nice to be out for a few hours , and not be chilled to the bone ! The doggies had a good sniff around too.

  3. Rainy day will make plants grow quickly.