Friday, March 29, 2013

Is it Tomato Season Yet?

Now that the bulbs are up, flowers are blooming everywhere and I have mowed the grass THREE times AND edged all the flowerbeds.  I can plant my tomatoes now, right?

I love Spring and deciding what to plant in the veggie garden. It is however, difficult to wait for that elusive May 10th, last chance of frost date.

But now I at least know that the Farmer's Market  is open and I can start searching out my favorite tomato plants.  I can almost taste the Caprese salads.

Me looking somewhat like a tomato.


  1. Hi Matthew, from another tomato fanatic! I sowed my tomato seeds on Friday, so I have a long time to wait for any harvests.

    Surely you don't mean that you "moved" the grass three times? That would be excessive, I think! :)

  2. Good catch Mark! I have recently dug out a lot of grass for extended flower beds, so I have been carting sod around the yard.