Monday, March 11, 2013

My Peony Addiction Would be so Much Easier if...

My Adleman's peony catalog came in the mail recently.  I have been pouring over what I would like to buy this year ever since.

My Saturday routine is to pour myself a pot of coffee and sit with my Adleman's catalog, read every page, make a list of each plant I like, its stats and the price.  My list changes weekly.

It just makes me crazy (could just be the pot of coffee I drank or genetics) with all the options and my limited budget. Why can't I win the lottery?!?  I could just call them up and order one of everything and have it delivered - that would be so much easier.  Wouldn't it?  They might even come plant them for me, now that would be really nice of them. 

Back to my reality - I spent Saturday and Sunday digging out some more grass in the front yard to make room for my future peony purchases.   So now I need to buy more bark mulch. (sigh)   

I've been carefully watching all the resident peonies in the yard.  Some of the tree peonies are off to an early start and continue to amaze me with how leafed out some of them are already. Yes, I'm counting my buds before they bloom!

Paeonia suffruticosa 'Lu Xiang Qiu 綠香球'

Move along, nothing to see here folks - Paeonia suffruticosa 'Kinshi 金鸟' (Golden Bird Tree Peony) - The rock is so I don't step on the peony, I also like to loosely tie bright colored curling ribbon on the peony stems as another "Don't Tread on Me" visual.  One careless step cleaning up in fall can ruin a tree peony and set it back many years.

Paeonia suffruticosa - My flimsy stake didn't do much to straighten this one out.

Paeonia suffruticosa 'High Noon 海黄' - A little life stirring under there.
Paeonia lactiflora 'Raspberry Charm'
Paeonia mascula (Balkan Peony) - A very cool species from Turkey.  I'm excited to see two fuzzy growths this year. 
I'll continue to try to win the lottery before May, but no matter what, I'll be there when they open to the public in May to snatch up a few.

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