Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Angel Heard My Wish - New Felco Pruners

For the last 9 years, I asked for a nice pair of pruners for Christmas. A new pair that felt like quality in your hand and not the same cheap rusted pruning shears I have been using for ages.

Although, in my former days of "pruning with wine", it was probably for the best that I had a cheap pair, that I never took care of and were so dull they could barely cut blades of grass. I did once try to remove the tip of my finger, but thankfully was not successful.

This year, a gardening angel heard my plea (way back in November no less) and the only gift under my tree this years was a new Felco pruner, complete with leather holster and ceramic sharpening stone.


Now I feel just like a professional gardener would with my trusty bypass pruners nestled in their very own leather holster clipped onto my work pants.

It's like butter in my hands and I have yet to lose it. Since they are now "my precious", I have even cleaned and dried them after each use and carefully put them away.  

I still need to learn to sharpen them. Below is a good video on pruner maintenance and really how quickly a pruner can be taken care of.

I'm sure it will take me longer to find orange rind oil and a Sharpie that actually works.

My New Year's resolution is to take better care of my pruners. That sounds so much better than going to the gym.


  1. What a great gift! I've debated getting a nice pair of Felcos for a long time but since my pruners usually end up left outside or mistakenly get put in the yard waste bin with the pruned material or get used to root out a weed, for me it's probably best to stick with buying a new pair of cheapies every couple of years. Well, at least until I'm grown up enough to take care of my things. The holster is a great idea but since I wear sweats to work in the garden, a belt might look a little silly.

    Happy new Felcos to you!

  2. I have the leather holster for my felcos too…. I just never use it .

  3. As soon as I received a key chain with a silver watering can from Tiffany's I stopped losing my keys (yes, I am knocking on wood right now). I think we do take better care of the things we love.

  4. Someday I hope to be grown up enough to deserve real tools like these (congrats). I feel I am close...after all I did get a Hori Hori knife for my birthday last summer. You've kind of got me thinking I shouldn't use it with wine though.

  5. Lucky man! I've been trying to take better care of my tools too. I keep a spray bottle of bleach solution with a rag and a can of lubricant where I store my garden tools. When I finish work for the day I spray them down with the bleach solution, then hit them with oil so they don't rust. I still haven't tackled sharpening them, though.