Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring is Springing!

It could be 63 degrees this afternoon - the hottest day of the year!

The sun is beckoning, calling my name, making me want to fly the (work) coop. So many things to do in the garden.

I need to mow the lawn, feed the fish, and check out everything coming up in the garden!I haven't selected what I am going to grow in the vegetable garden yet or bought my seeds.

Tomorrow's high is predicted to be 64 (cough, cough). 

Wow, my forehead sure feels hot (cough, cough). I might be getting a temperature.

I feel like I'm coming down with something (cough, cough).

There's nothing worse than missing work and having to stay home for a late spring cold (cough, cough).


  1. What a beautiful day it is ! I lost two fish … Shubunkins, I probably should have brought them in doors for the winter ? One was floating sideways for days. I scoped it up and put it in a small fish bowl indoors, but it finally died after a few days…felt really bad.

    1. I lose a fish here and there too, but they have been having so many babies, it hasn't really mattered over the long term.

      The adult fish survived our two bouts of freezing weather just fine, which was a surprise considering how cold it was.

      I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless they looked diseased when you pulled them out, then there could be something else going on.