Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today's Favorite Plant - Fire in the Shade!

Currently "on fire" in the shady front corner of the yard under the black walnut tree, today's favorite plant is Rhododendron x azalea Gable Hybrid 'Stewartsonian'. A semi-dwarf azalea with vivid, brick-red 2" single blooms.

It's very hard to ignore its densely packed, fire engine red, mass of flowers. The flowers are so dense that I can barely see the leaves. 
This shrub can be 5-6' tall by 4' wide. Generally, they seem to be more upright, but mine has been sprawling, with occasional entire branch pruning by my rambunctious Assistant Yvette.

Out of bloom, the leaves are 1" long, dark green and glossy.  

Best grown in organic-rich, moist and well-drained soil in a part sun to part shade exposure.

Hardy to -20 degrees, so perfect for Portland.


  1. 您怎么不种高山杜鹃?比人还高,满树的花,多好?