Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Faces

Last weekend, I had all the furbabies (Madeline, Lucette and Yvette) at my house, usually it's just my Assistant Yvette who helps with the gardening.

On Sunday, we sat out on a blanket on the grass in the sun for an hour. It was one of the first times this season it was warm, dry and sunny enough for the girls to play in the grass, to enjoy being outside and just have fun in the yard. It was a good time for me to check out the flowers too.

Madeline feeling the bliss!
Each year, I try to get Yvette's picture with the Candytuft - It's like a First Day at School picture my mother always wanted to take. At least Yvee doesn't have to wear the terrible clothing of the 70's and 80's period.

This year, I got all three girls in the picture. Over time, I've had to reign in the ever expanding circle of Candytuft, but the Red Edge Hebe behind it has gotten huge. One or the other is on a mission to swallow the sidewalk. At least the Candytuft responds well to a good annual hack-job.

Yvette 2006
First day of spring 2014 picture - Camera = Evil, must not look...
The Stink Eye perfected - Assistant Yvette looking vexed...
Happy Trillium
Paeonia mascula (Balkan Peony) blooms EARLY!

Daphne genkwa
Trout Lily perfection - Need slug bait stat!

Pulsatilla reaching for the sun.
Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily'
Lilies are sending leaves to the surface and the fish are hungry!


  1. Hooray for sunshine and goldfish that lived through being frozen and three adorable fur babies to frolic with! Happy April!