Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lobelia tupa & Hummingbird

My original Lobelia tupa is very lovely at the moment.  I saw this hummingbird out the window and grabbed my camera to go say hello.  See the video below! View in full screen mode or the hummers too small to see.

Growing up to 6’ high and as wide, it has large felted light grey-green leaves and impressive flower spiked covered in hooked red bloom, which are a particular favorite of humming birds. Given a sunny site with excellent drainage and room to grow, this Lobelia will make an impact in any garden. This large perennial is not what most people expect when they hear the name ‘Lobelia’, but once you see it growing you will not forget it.

Sorry about the neighbors Tow Truck in the background in the video!

Side View


  1. So cool that the hummer let you get so close! LOVE Lobelia tupa...wish I had room for one :-(

  2. Tupa envy ..I'm now on my fourth sad

  3. That's one happy hummingbird! I'm adding lobelia tupa to my plant shopping list. :-)

    1. It seems to be temperamental for some, but all I had to do was stick it in the ground.

  4. Awesome video! My Lobelia tupa isn't blooming yet. Portland area gardens are always a little ahead of ours!