Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today's Farvorite Plant - Bastard Balm

It was one of those days.  I was feeling a little low after work.

Earlier in the day, my Assistant Yvette, was handed back to her other parent. After our breakup in February - I now have shared custody. She's been my new partner in crime while visiting nurseries.

My Assistant Yvette working on some sticks.

So what's a lonely gardener to do other then to stop by Portland Nursery on the way home and do a little plant retail therapy?!?

I would have gone back to Xera but they were not open Tuesday.  Perhaps they should have special "emergency" hours for the depressed and/or desperate?  Perhaps a key in a glass case with a little hammer to break in case of plant emergency? 

I wandered around looking at veggies (two more eggplants and some heirloom pumpkins found their way into my cart), then over to the annuals (a Gazania krebsiana 'Orange Peacock' in the cart too), then the shade house.

While perusing the shade house, a cute little plant caught my eye - Melittis melissophyllum. At first its square stems reminded me of Lamium and I got frightened, but then I read the common name - "Bastard Balm".

What a fitting name for a plant that I obviously must have in my garden, especially if it enjoys partial shade.

Yep, had to have it! 

Melittis melissophyllum 'Royal Velvet Distinction'
Melittis melissophyllum is a perennial growing to 1' x 1' 
in moist semi-shade and is hardy to Zone 6.  Beloved by bees.

And the best parts was that it made me smile!

We will see in the future if this plant really acts like a bastard in the garden.


  1. Shared custody is such a bummer. Xera should seriously consider your 'emergency hours' request. And I love your new little bastard! :-)

  2. Sometimes common plant names rule!

    I can't imagine having to part with Yvette for even a day, you are good to share the cuteness.

  3. Bastards generLLY MAKE ONE SMILE...IT'S HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH BEING BASTARDS. Sorry about that: I keep hitting the wrong key and am too lazy to correct it...didn't mean to shout at you.