Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Blooming in the Garden?

After spending 5 or 6 hours with the sprinklers constantly running on Saturday, which was a beautiful hot sunny day, it began raining on Sunday.  If Mother Nature could give me a credit on my Portland Water bill  for that - I'd really appreciate it.

So, instead of fighting the weather to get a few unimportant things done, I grabbed a blanket and a cocktail and I took some time to sit on the covered porch and just watch the rain.

View from the side porch.
I would have been using the electric lawn edger otherwise.  Surprisingly, I'm smart enough to know that rain and long extension power cords are not a good mix.

My post today is just a mix of what's blooming in the garden.

Bletilla ochracea - Next to the 'Alba' form this is my favorite. 
Anomatheca laxa (False Freesia) - Such a cute little thing! An Iris relative of course.
Nymphaea 'Wanvisa' blooming in the rain.
Filipendula ulmaria 'Flore Pleno' (Meadow Queen) - a nice double white.
Campanula glomerata alba (Clustered Bellflower)
Asclepias speciosa (Showy Milkweed) - Smells yummy.
Grevillea junipera 'Xera Ember' - A smaller growing plant, very prickly though. No touchy!
Asclepias tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies' (Butterfly Weed)
Saxifraga stolonifera 'Cuscutiformis' (Strawberry Begonia)
Campanula lactiflora (Milky Bellflower) - It's a tall one!
Dierama pulcherrimum (Angel's Fishing Rod) - It took about 5 years to bloom.
Thalia dealbata - Love the way water drops pool on the leaves.
Sparaxis - Should have been mixed colors, but mine were all the same color!
Opuntia compressa (Prickly Pear)


  1. Whoa...I've never seen a Campanula so tall!

  2. The fence must be 6' tall next to that Campanula, and it's taller than I am too. When I bought it, it must have been mis-marked because I planted in the front of the boarder. I quickly learned that it wasn't a good place for it.