Monday, August 26, 2013

Today's Favorite Plant - Grevillea juniperina 'Pink Lady'

I might be a little late for the Grevillea bandwagon, but I have added a few to the garden the past two years nonetheless.

My recent new love is Grevillea juniperina 'Pink Lady'. I saw it and had to have it.  She went into one of the spots where a Laurel came out a couple weeks ago.

At 3' tall and 6' wide, it will spread to fill in the flower boarder with its cream pink flowers for most of the year. It's new home is hot and sunny, slightly protected and in very well-draining soil.

Grevillea are adapted to the poorest soils, thrive on neglect, and are extremely drought tolerant which also sounds appealing for Portland's hot summers.


  1. Late to the Grevillea bandwagon, I think're jumping on just in time. They are lovely plants...

  2. Never too late to fall in love with another group of plants. Trends in popularity come and go but true love is forever. Well until we get tired of something and decide to replace it with something else but I digress.