Monday, November 18, 2013

Basket Case Kitty

At a local greenhouse over the weekend, I was wondering the cactus and pots, looking for some little thing to bring home.

I came across a display of hanging baskets with a coco fiber liners.

While I don't generally do hanging baskets (they dry out too quickly and require too much daily watering), it did seem like a good way to keep the dirt in the basket and have perfect drainage. Next time I have a greenhouse, I will definitely try one out perhaps with an orchid. 

In the neighboring basket liner was this: 

Kitty seemed quite happy in it's coco bed - just the right size for snuggling/lounging in.

So if you have any extra coco liner baskets, they apparently make excellent kitty beds. 


  1. How sweet...I guarantee the same thing would happen at my house if I had one of those laying around for any length of time :-)

  2. Sami would only be interested if it had been declared off limits.

    1. I'm sure you could reverse kitty psychology your Sami into using it. You just have to make it seem like it's off limits, but not really.