Monday, November 4, 2013

Chrysanthemum 'Gertrude'

Last week, Portland had the first frost of the Fall.

The cold immediately got to the more delicate plants and turned them to goo (goodbye Red Tiger Musa, Dahlias, Coleus, and Impatiens).

I picked a bunch of Mums in anticipation of the pending cold. I had a feeling they might be toast after two days of morning frosts. The plants came through fine, but the frost burnt the petals on the lovely Chrysanthemum 'Quan Yon Hung' I had been following, turning them into doodoo.

My assistant Yvee say's "What's this stuff? My butt is cold!"
But, 'Gerty' made it through and is still opening her lovely flowers and with a furriness that's quite charming.

Gerty has lots of buds to open yet!

Chrysanthemum 'Gertrude'

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