Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chomp! They Came from the Swamp!

Through October 19th, 2014, the special exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco is Chomp! They Came from the Swamp, an exhibit of carnivorous plants.

There is already an impressive collection of tropical Pitcher Plants in the rest of the greenhouse to see, but this exhibit had a few carnivorous plants I didn't know about. 

This section of the greenhouse had almost constant misting going on, giving the room an ethereal feeling. In the center of the room stood several giant carnivorous plants.

I haven't had  much experience growing these plants, only murdering a Venus Flytrap here and there.

Enjoy the exhibit!

Giant Cephalotus
Giant Cephalotus Baby
Giant White Trumpets

Cephalotus follicularus
Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)
Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)

Sun Pitchers
Pitcher Plant in Flower

Butterwort (Pinguicula)

Sarracenia (White Trumpet)
Giant Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)
Amorphophallus (not sure which one) in a steamy room

Cobra Plants and Hooded Pitcher Plants
Cobra Plant (Darlingtonia)
Rainbow Plants (Byblis)
Rainbow  Plants (Byblis)
Rainbow  Plants (Byblis)
Purple Pitcher Plant

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  1. You should go to see Berkeley Botanical Garden. Especially in Spring.