Monday, July 22, 2013

A Misty Morning

For a brief moment Saturday, I thought it might actually rain.

I woke up and went out to see that the sky was misting. It never did rain, but it made for some pretty cool spider webs.

"Happiness" rock

Lawn spider isn't so smart... Not prime real estate.

This spider has good taste. Good combo of rocks and purple Lilirope.
A home in a little forest of orchids.


  1. I have lots of those too, lately we've been waking up to fog, and they are all misted over. I've been seeing lots of those orb-spinning spiders too, the ones that hatch in the spring, and then usually show up in droves in the fall. Lots of small ones setting up shop now, already. It's a little freaky when you walk into their old abandoned webs with your face. Your photos make the webs look kind of ghostly.

  2. The fog is indeed a friend when it renders those webs visible. Pretty, yes, but what Alison said: running into them face first is not my favorite way to appreciate the spider's art (especially as I imagine the artist skittering down my back).

  3. I agree - walking through the web is bad enough, but then wondering where the home owner is, is worse! At least these little guys make their webs on the ground.