Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here They Come! Tomato Update!

I usually get the first tomato of the season by July 4th and my mom, who usually visits then, gets to eat it.  I have to wait for the second tomato for me! 

The red celery is doing well (bottom right).
This year I got my first tomato on July 8th.  Sorry mom! She went back to Florida on the 7th!

'Oregon Spring', 'Stupice' and 'Moskovick' seem to be the earliest varieties for me.

The negative for 'Moskovick' is that it tends to get blossom end rot, so although some of the tomatoes are early, they might have black bottoms on the fruit.  From this point on I only water plants at the base (no sprinkler).  

'Moskovich' is the earliest for me.
This one has BLT written all over it!
About 1 foot over the tops of the cages now!

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