Monday, July 15, 2013

Chinese Garden with 妈妈 (Mom)

I can say from experience that a good place to take a visiting mother with a broken foot in a boot is the Lan Su Chinese Garden. 

The garden is easy to get around in and packs a wallop visually in a pretty small space.  Mom could walk, just not a lot, or very far.

There is a lot to see in this very small space and the views change around every corner. As you move through the garden there is an element of surprise as new things are revealed and views open up.

You can point your camera at just about anything and have a beautiful photo. It is hard to take a bad picture here, but you may have to wait for people to get out of your shot if you go at a busy time.

This garden is a good place to go during the different seasons, just to see how it changes and to see different things blooming.

I always look for the"four gentleman" of the Chinese garden - the orchid, the bamboo, the chrysanthemum, and the plum blossom, each representing the seasons.
Courtyard of Tranquility
Punica granatum 'Nana'  (Dwarf Pomegranate) - a symbol for sons and lots of them!

Mom in the Knowing the Fish Pavilion

Lots of water lilies here!

I could use a few Lake Tai rocks in my garden!
Knowing the Fish Pavilion from across the pond
The bridge across the pond.
Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' (Chinese Bitter Orange) - pretty and hardy, but not edible.

The Hall of Brocade Clouds
Moon Locking Pavilion
Lovely black bamboo
Looking back through the Scholar's Courtyard.
Water lilies in front of the tea house
Beautiful stonework path
You can take a gardener out, but you can't make him wear appropriate shoes... 
The modern "borrowed scenery" is more apparent from some angles.

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