Monday, September 16, 2013

Back from the Dead Files - Amaryllis belladonna

The funny thing about many fall blooming bulbs is that the foliage emerges early in spring and then dies out during our hot, dry summers. It is easy to forget that you planted something in the flower bed.

There are a few bulbs that I can remember approximately where they are in their flowerbed homes, but I sometimes forget and accidentally dig one up. They are easy to tuck back in fortunately.

The other day, I was wondering through the garden pulling weeds and cleaning up and discovered there's a lovely flower smiling at me that I had totally forgotten about.

Such is the case with Amaryllis belladonna. I don't even remember planting the bulbs, although I do have a vague recollection of seeing the foliage in spring and wondering what it was?!?

I dislike tags in the garden, but for some things a mental placeholder just isn't enough any more, especially with the early onset of my "Sometimers" disease.

Amaryllis belladonna (Belladonna Lily) — A true amaryllis native to South Africa. 
It is a bulbous plant with dull green leaves that are up to 1 ½’ tall by 0.75” wide. 
Leaves appear in early spring and then die back. They are hardy from Zones 7-10.


  1. That's the best kind of surprise.

  2. Digging up a whole bulb is far better than digging up half a bulb. I always throw them back in and hope for the best.