Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The General State of the Garden - Prelude to Fall

It was a lovely weekend.

In Portland we had a few thunder clappers and some pretty heavy rain last week prior to the long holiday weekend.

I've been home more than ever this summer and watering like crazy, so the front grass is not as beige as it has been previous years. It's still a little on the spotty side in a few places in the hot sun area, but almost no weeds. 

The veggie garden is going crazy and some of it is getting away from me. A few of my squash are as big as my dog Lulu.  The recent rains were bad for the beefsteak tomatoes too, causing many of them to crack in rings. Too much water, too quickly makes them split.

The chrysanthemums and asters are getting ready to show themselves off.

Pretty soon it will be fall... 

Still lots of flowers on the water lilies
Pinus monophylla put on a lot of growth this year.

Oy, don't notice the grass... At least it's green where it isn't dead.

Frenchies roaming
‘Musquee de Provence’ pumpkin
White pumpkin

Skipper on Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'

Veggie garden is going nuts!
Tomatoes are winding down.


  1. Your garden is looking very lush ! That rain really was NEEDED! I've had it with my brown lawn ...it's going. Of course this week with the rain it's looking green again ...still ...it's going...I think ?

    1. I have a vision of all the grass in the front center and front left going bye bye - In it's place would be extended flowerbeds and gravel pathways. Seems like a lot of work though, even if I rented a sod cutter. It would be a lot of hauling.

  2. This walkabout give a good idea of the layout of your garden, all looking super-lovely.

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful! I'm ripping out half of our back lawn under the fir tree, at least that's the plan.

    1. I need to think about the impact of watering (dragging the hose around, setting the sprinkler out) and fall leaf clean up will be if I take the grass out. I was also think that if I ever sell my house, if that would be a negative...