Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today's Favorite Plant - Limonium Sinuatum

Whenever I get a flower bouquet at the Lents International Farmer's Market, I always save the Statice from the bouquet.

The Sunday Lents International Farmer's Market has the best deal on flowers too - the vendors sell big bouquets for $10 and they are amazing and will last a solid week.

I generally think about pulling the Statice flowers out after they have sat in the stinky flower vase water for a week and a half or so. I pull them out, dry them completely upside down and then find some cute pottery "thingy" (a technical term) around the house to stick them in.

Lavender in a French Cicada "Thingy"

I have to admit that several of my previous "arrangements" were/are more dust than flowers after several years. A dried flower arrangement isn't really something you can dust.

This summer, I bought a 6-pack of mixed Limonium Sinuatum (aka Sea Lavender or Annual Statice) from Fred Meyer. I think it cost $1.99 or so. I planted them throughout the garden to help fill in the holes and for extra annual color.

Several of the plants did really well and I continually cut the flowering stalks when ready, to dry and to replace the worn out flowers. 

For some reason several of the pink (mauve?) ones did especially well, followed by a white. The flowering plants were also quite pretty in the garden.

New pink and white flowers.

The plants prefer to be grown in full sun locations and in well-drained soil. They don't tolerate soggy conditions, so even if they were cold hardy, I assume they will rot over a wet Portland winter.

Statice plants are fairly drought tolerant once established, but enjoy regular summer watering.
Next year, I think I'll buy two packs...

My Assistant's baby picture.

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  1. You've got some pretty interesting "thingies" there, and thank's for throwing out that new technical term. I'll use it the next time I want to sound super-intellectual.