Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today's Favorite Plant - Senna didymobotrya (Popcorn Cassia)

This plant, like so many, was an impulse buy at the nursery.

It's an interesting African native legume that when rubbed smells like buttered popcorn (or wet dog), depending on your outlook. I go with buttered popcorn personally.

The plant has bold tropical looking pinnate foliage and racemes of brightly colored yellow flowers with black buds.

It can grow to 8 feet tall even in one season grown as an annual. Apparently it can also be a bit on the rangy side, but doesn't mind a good whack back to maintain its shape. Mine hasn't gotten that big yet.

It enjoys hot climates with a long growing season (Zones 9-11), but is not cold hardy in Portland.  I planted it in a pot so that I could bring it in for the winter. I try not to do that but sometimes you just have to.

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  1. Definitely a plant worth some coddling. My list of plants that need to be moved around keeps growing.